Our Leadership


Rich Monroe

Rich Monroe is a Colorado native. He grew up in Pueblo and went on to attend college in Trinidad. While in college, the Lord saved him in 1979. Rich married his first wife Jacki in 1981 - they had four children. Jacki passed away in 2014 of cancer.

Rich came to Granby Baptist Church on August 30, 2015. In 2016 he met and married Sonya Bryant. Together they have six adult children and a blessed life. Rich has served as a deacon in several previous churches before becoming a deacon at Granby Baptist in 2019. He enjoys serving the Lord, teaching Sunday School, and whatever else the Lord calls him to do.

Aside from serving in the church, Rich enjoys traveling, fishing, skiing, and spending time with Sonya.



David Zeleznikar

David and his family came to Granby Baptist Church shortly after the COVID pandemic. David has had a passion for the Lord since he was a small boy going to Sunday school and church with his family in Leadville. The Lord saved David at a young age and the day after he was baptized, the church was set on fire. Upon returning to the rubble, he found an untouched clean white cloth the pastor used to cover his face at his baptism the day before. David knew the Lord was with him.

He has always had a passion for helping others. It was recently that David sensed the Lord calling him to serve. He realized that call was to be a deacon. He is content to work behind the scenes and make sure needs are met and the church is running smoothly.

David his wife live on a micro ranch between Granby and Grand Lake with their two sons Adam and Jacob. They raise chickens and goats. In his free time, David enjoys studying the Bible, spending time in the auto shop with his sons, working on trucks, and enjoying the beauty of God's creation around him.